Coca-Cola Refresh

Coca-Cola and fuseproject developed a company-wide strategy for sustainability. The Coca-Cola Refresh Recycling Bin is a new twist on the traditional recycling container. As a part of this wider effort, recycling containers were developed to provide easy deployment, sustainable materials and efficient shipment.


fuseproject helped articulate the value of curating Coca-Cola’s brand-licensing portfolio. We identified specific markets that offered true relevance for the Coca-Cola brand and limited the spaces Coca-Cola could or should appear. Creating products imbued with a sense of recreation and refreshment could continue to license the Coca-Cola brand, but products that bore no discernible connection to the core Coca-Cola brand could not. fuseproject developed design examples to help Coca-Cola codify its usage and we created a style guide that would enable them to manage its brand licensing in the future.


The Coca-Cola Refresh Recycling Bin is designed for placement in high traffic areas and events to encourage recycling where programs are currently lacking. Made entirely from post-consumer recycled PET soda and water bottles, the bin is unique because it not only encourages people to recycle, it also showcases the exceptional design potential of recycled plastic. The Refresh Recycling Bin has a friendly posture that reaches out to the user. This unique profile combined with the bold use of color and modern graphic treatment aims to draw the attention of those passing by and encourage frequent, habitual use.



  • Green GOOD Award

    • Coca-Cola Refresh, 2009
  • iF Award

    • Coca-Cola Refresh, 2009
  • IDEA Award

    • Bronze - Coca-Cola Refresh, 2009
  • International Design Award

    • Coca-Cola Refresh Bin, 2009
  • GOOD Design Award

    • Coca-Cola Refresh Bin, 2008
  • Spark Awards

    • ronze - Coca-Cola Refresh Bin, 2008
  • “Equipment”

    • Coca-Cola Refresh Recycling Bin, 2008
  • Red Dot Design Award

    • Coca-Cola Refresh Recycling Bin, 2008

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