Jawbone Big Jambox

While most of the industry is trying hard to up one another with decorative forms, BIG JAMBOX aims to deliver the best sound with the most honest design and experience. These principles extend to all areas of the design for BIG JAMBOX, from the packaging to the product experience. Simplicity and performance are what we strive for and what we aim to integrate into our users’ everyday lives.


Jambox’s market entry was immediately and enthusiastically embraced. When it launched in 2010, the market was ripe for a new innovation and this was just the product. The capability for portable music launched a new wave of lifestyle accessory. A few years later, the use case was expanded to more scenarios and it was agreed that a bigger sound was imminent, a bigger, louder JAMBOX. Still portable, but way more powerful.

We named it BIGJAMBOX and gave it all the same attributes as its predecessor—establishing a product portfolio solidifying Jawbone as an relentless innovator. Key elements of the Jawbone brand were incorporated: a signature design language, pure geometry, refined proportions, elegant textures and a bold color palette. BIGJAMBOX was clearly identifiable as part of the larger Jawbone brand. Jawbone is also known for making products that not only use breakthrough technology, but also offer exceptional audio quality and a versatile product experience. BIGJAMBOX further helped qualify Jawbone with having a solid audio product portfolio.


The pure proportions and geometry are the first elements one notices. The refined volume makes BIG JAMBOX portable, while delivering incredible sound performance. To maximize performance and minimize obstructions, perforated metal wraps the front, top, back, and underside of BIG JAMBOX. A series of patented relief textures are applied to the metal minimizing vibration and maximizing the structural integrity and robustness. The wave, hex and dot textures also minimize material thickness, and provide a visual playfulness as the light catches and defines the subtle relief. The seamless edge-to-edge transitions of the perforated steel require considerable manufacturing innovations, resulting in a proprietary process that pushes the boundaries of art and engineering.



  • IDEA Awards

    • Gold - Best Designed Entertainment Product Category, BIG Jambox, 2013
  • Core77 Design Awards

    • Strategy and Research Winner - BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone, 2013
  • PC Magazine

    • Honorable Mention - Readers Choice for Wireless Speakers, Big Jambox, 2013
  • CES Innovations Awards

    • Honoree, Design + Engineering - BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone, 2013
  • Men’s Journal

    • Gear of the Year - Big Jambox, 2012
  • GOOD Design Awards

    • BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone, 2012
  • SPARK! Awards

    • Gold - BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone, 2013

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