NYC Condom

For the Department of Health of New York, fuseproject created a brand and product that is distinctly of the city: the NYC Condom. According to the NYC Department of Health, New York City, "remains the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the U.S." The city has more AIDS cases than Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington, DC combined and over 100,000 New Yorkers have contracted HIV, and many of them are unaware of it.


The NYC Condom logo is reminiscent of distinct New York icons, shapes and typefaces. This familiarity makes an entire ecosystem of the NYC Condom brand instantly identifiable to the citizens of NY. Ironically, the big idea was to blend in to the urban landscape, but stick out as a resource beacon, with colors and design details that become apparent only when you approach the dispenser. This approach drives adoption in a variety of venues that might normally be opposed to installing a condom dispenser. Widely available dispenser installation is imperative to achieving the desired health goals: to prevent AIDS and teen pregnancies on a large scale.

Combine and expressive identity that is immediately recognizable, with a slightly taboo subject matter, and you’ve got a great communications platform. Our strategy was to let the logo do the talking, and ignore the obvious overtures that could degrade the brand. This lead to a very approachable product, that far exceeding expectations by tripling the original goal to over 39 million condoms distributed in the first year of the program!


NYC Condom wrapper's easily identifiable logo and color scheme is iconic, and portable to many communication and advertising mediums. Through our dispenser design, we created a series of touch points across many NY subcultures that could be implemented in a variety of locations; from the homeless shelter to convenience store, to dive bars and posh lounges.



  • GOOD Design Award

    • NYC Condom, 2009
  • iF Award

    • NYC Condom, 2009
  • Spark Awards

    • Spark! - NYC Condom, 2008
  • “Equipment”

    • NYC Condom, 2008
  • IDSA - Business Week

    • NYC Condom, Silver Award, 2008

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