Opala is a new data automation and healthcare solutions partner that works with the payer and provider to establish a more collaborative and seamless relationship between both parties. With founder origins in healthcare and deep knowledge of healthcare processes, Opala focuses on leveraging accurate health record viewing across care settings, health plans, and time to empower informed, real-time decision-making and precision medicine.

Opala called on fuseproject to develop their brand identity and design guidelines. The new system for the innovative service provider celebrates a new normal for a payer-provider experience defined by data, connected by trust, and committed to quality patient care.

Vital to Opala's on the scene as a new and critical player in healthcare solutions is the system we designed to provide consistency without compromising the flexibility needed to stay agile in today's market.


Opala’s logo is a continuous gradient line that loops the wordmark together, connecting the “o” and the “p” to represent a seamless collaboration between payer/providers. A gradient adds dimension to the curves of the letters and signals the constant flow of data movement—from one system to the next to provide a truly connective, mutually beneficial ecosystem. In a sea of healthcare and start-up brand identities, we designed theirs with a bright yellow and black color palette to differentiate Opala from the noise of outdated healthcare systems. The brand system is meant to make the experience feel simple and easy.

The new brand identity delivered by fuseproject further reinforces Opala’s position as a modern, agile, and self-aware brand that sets a new precedent for the healthcare insurance ecosystem—empowering providers with complete, timely, and actionable data to focus on patient care.

Guidelines designed alongside the brand were implemented across Opala’s new website interface. The new platform and UI leverages a modular system of squares and boxes to create structure, organization, and flow. With clear navigation, ease-of-use, and simplicity as core design principles, the platform's straightforward user journey further is amplified by the brand's new identity.

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