The Tylenol medicine bottle concept considers the issues of ergonomics, child safety, and tampering into a 360 degree experience. The overall form is technically advanced, while remaining friendly and comfortable in the hand: reminiscent of an egg it communicates structural integrity, technical advance and friendly tactility.


The medicine bottle has not been considered from the ground-up in 40+ years. While this is a commonly frustrating experience for many, regulatory and manufacturing constrains make it one of the more challenging products to design. The Tylenol new bottle concept proposes a straight-forward opening mechanism that can easily be "palmed" by the user and the pill container rotated into a dispensing mode. The two-step operation insures child safety requirements, while keeping each operation straight forward tactile even for arthritis patients. The bottle's translucent surface allows for easy identification of pill type during product purchase, as well as refill need during usage.

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